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Full Version: How Do I Get The Huge Hump !!!
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how do i get my flowerhorn to have a hump like this one. (if the pick works) unsure.gif

is there certain food? or behavior?

Well for one your FH has to have the genetics to be able to get one.....power feed your FH, play with it, keep a mirror with it, or you can keep two fhs seperated in a tank
Is the fh head in the picture rediculous or what. have any of you raised an fh to have something similar? new_ukliam2.gif
to me that kind of KOK is the best..........the huge ###### ones like the first pic you posted arent that beautiful to me
It is not easy to find big head fish..

Something I found a while back on the internet.. This is in my mind the kok head winner..

The following image are actual fish belong to flowerhornimports(Gary).
FlowerHornUSA Banner fish left - Red Dragon



jazzy_devil, try not to upload duplicate images. Use the image hyperlink function to insert already upload images.
unsure.gif yes I would like to know also if you need the genetic make up for that....I never saw my fh parents so am wondering myself!
Poseidon X
certain fish are predisposed to be the superior dominant fish... this is just like all humans do not have the potential to be super muscular no matter how much they lift weights. If you provide a fish with big head genetics the optimum environment it will kok up.
what is "KOK up"

i am sure my fh is the dominant one.

i just want to know how i can take this hump like in the "picture below", and make it large. do i just need to wait until it gets older.? wallbash.gif"
Poseidon X
yeah they wont show at that size.. maybe in a month or so. that fish has a nice rainbow of colors on him thumbsup.gif

you have to experience the kok in person to truely appreciate it.. its funny when they swim around and it sticks up outta the water.. or you push on their head so they cant bite you smile.gif))))`
wow thats cool.
is the hump soft to the touch. i heard it was just fat. wallbash.gif"

use hammer therapy... laugh.gif "o"/ or use wallbash.gif" therapy
i got it. dry.gif

kind of like "first you flex flex.gif , and then you notworthy.gif bow down.

II j L c II

What FH Is that!? That's exactly like my beauty minus the hump! Pearl series right?

FHI 34
Humps are definitely genetics based! The only thing we have control over is maximizing the fishes potential for the hump. But the key is it has to have some potential to start with.

The smaller the fish, the harder it is to determine the potential. But a couple things you can look for:

-an extended space between the dorsal fin and the mouth.. hard to explain really .. It has to have a certain curve to it.

-Short mouths - Pointed mouths usually are a sure sign of no head whatsoever. Check the contrast in mouth shapes between the rainbow colored fish and the fry posted. Shorter mouths are a real good indicator of head potential.

Hope this hels

unsure.gif hmmm I am confused "o"/ there a way you can post a pic of one with a good mouth and one with a bad mouth so we can compare? or a pic of a high quality fry vs low grade fry? I think we could substantiate a little better..thanks!!!!
cool, i will look for that.

as far as the pic... i am not sure where i got the pic nor what series, but i guess it could be from the pearl series. (nice pick though, huh) l-l0l_l

Flowerhorn Aquarium
QUOTE (II j L c II @ Dec 24 2003, 06:27 AM)

What FH Is that!? That's exactly like my beauty minus the hump!  Pearl series right?


That is one of the pics that I had post in the 'Aquarama 2003' thread. I took those pics at the competition in Singapore.

You can give it any name you want. But I think it is the Zhen Zhu (Pearl) type.

Dennis thumbsup.gif

Let me look at my original photo, ...It says:
" Class 4
Big Size (Above 6" excluding tail) " And of course, it won 1st prize in its category.
Flowerhorn Aquarium
QUOTE (jazzy_devil @ Dec 24 2003, 01:50 PM)
cool, i will look for that.

as far as the pic...  i am not sure where i got the pic nor what series, but i guess it could be from the pearl series.  (nice pick though, huh) l-l0l_l

Yeah, those are all great FH's from the Aquarama 2003 FH competition. flex.gif thumbsup.gif
does my fish have hump potential?
red hawk, i can't see your pic. wink.gif
its weird because trimac which are the main fish in flowerhorn rarely get a big hump.
it all abt genes
either u hav it or u don hav it

80% genes
10% food
10%water condition
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